The Captain’s Temptress

A Sweeping 1895 Action Adventure Romance

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Loyalty to family is his guiding force . . .

To keep his family’s shipping empire from collapse, Sean Nolan makes a dangerous deal with the devil. He’ll transport a lucrative – but illegal – cargo of guns to exchange for the cash to keep the company afloat.

Family is something she doesn’t understand . . .

Samantha Ethridge is a complication Sean hadn’t counted on. The modern, turn-of-the-century woman is out to prove to her newsman father that she’s up to following in his footsteps. She needs to break a big story, and Sean’s journey to Cuba is her best shot for a scoop. To get to Cuba and the revolutionaries fighting for their independence, she blackmails Sean into bringing her along.

Danger and passion change everything . . .

Two fiercely independent souls brought together by fate, Sean and Samantha are drawn to each other in a high stakes journey where the penalty is death, and the reward is passion that will last a lifetime, if only they will accept what lies in their hearts.

What readers are saying:

“. . . a real page-turner. . .”
“. . . great historical information woven in the arms of romance. . . “
“. . . so well-written tht I felt like I was actually experiencing the time period. . .”
“. . . a great read, lots of history and passion. . .”

Contest Wins:

1st Place — Spring Into Romance, San Diego Chapter RWA
2nd Place — Romance Through the Ages, Hearts Through History RWA
2nd Place — Great Beginnings, Utah Chapter RWA
2nd Place — Duel on the Delta, River City Romance Writers
3rd Place — Orange Rose, Orange County Romance Writers
3rd Place — Touch of Magic, Central Florida Romance Writers
3rd Place — Ignite the Flame, Central Ohio Fiction Writers
3rd Place — Cleveland Rocks, Northeast Ohio Romance Writers

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