Flawed sexy heroes. Strong heroines with the courage to push societal boundaries. Agents of a secret government crime fighting organization.

The Chessmen series has them all—steamy American Victorian romances with an emotional punch to the gut. Each stand-alone story involves an agent who discovers unexpected love in all the wrong places, and must face down demons before claiming his or her happiness.

A simple chess piece with an identifier on its underside and the name of an investigator are all that’s needed to make a desperate person a client of one of these secret agents. A calling card of sorts, the chess piece is a method of referral representing no option for refusal. The agent must accept its bearer as a client, no matter how frivolous or serious or out of their realm of expertise the request.


A Sweeping 1895 Action Adventure Romance

Loyalty to family is his guiding force . . .

To keep his family’s shipping empire from collapse, Sean Nolan makes a dangerous deal with the devil. He’ll transport a lucrative – but illegal – cargo of guns to exchange for the cash to keep the company afloat.

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