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Flawed sexy heroes. Strong heroines with the courage to push societal boundaries. Agents of a secret government crime fighting organization.

In Shadows and Masks, the first book in the series,
Bartholomew Turner hunts murderers.

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The Chessmen series has them all—steamy American Victorian romances with an emotional punch to the gut. Each stand-alone story involves an agent who discovers unexpected love in all the wrong places, and must face down demons before claiming his or her happiness.

In Memories and Moonbeams, the second book in the series,
Lilly Kane hunts sex traffickers.

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Averil Reisman enjoyed a long career as a journalist before turning her talent toward writing fiction. As a journalist, she has written for newspapers, computer industry trade journals, not-for-profits, magazines, and early internet and touchscreen ventures before finding her true writing passion—romance.
She turned her love of ferreting out a news story into a love of research, and often finds herself lost in books, the internet, and libraries before writing a single word.

She now considers writing romance her full time job, and is at her desk every day in a study filled with books. Had she known the joy of writing romance, she would have started earlier in her career.

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What readers are saying:

★★★★★ – 5 Stars
“. . . a real page-turner. . .”
“. . . great historical information woven in the arms of romance. . . “
“. . . so well-written tht I felt like I was actually experiencing the time period. . .”
“. . . a great read, lots of history and passion. . .”

A Sweeping 1895 Action Adventure Romance

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Contest Wins:

1st Place — Spring Into Romance, San Diego Chapter RWA
2nd Place — Romance Through the Ages, Hearts Through History RWA
2nd Place — Great Beginnings, Utah Chapter RWA
2nd Place — Duel on the Delta, River City Romance Writers
3rd Place — Orange Rose, Orange County Romance Writers
3rd Place — Touch of Magic, Central Florida Romance Writers
3rd Place — Ignite the Flame, Central Ohio Fiction Writers
3rd Place — Cleveland Rocks, Northeast Ohio Romance Writers

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